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What do you understand by audiobooks?

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Audiobooks can be defined as programs that consist of audio of information, entertainment activities, and other tasks on the internet. The trend of audiobooks has come to the next level in this era. Massive growth has been noticed in the sector of audiobooks, and people of all to age groups are interested in the use of these audiobooks. The youth also avoid reading the books as they found the use of audiobook more interesting and productive. The Amazon audiobooks are the most preferred by the listeners.

Origin of audiobooks

The audiobooks were introduced by Audible in 1995. They can be only accessed through special software. It becomes the world largest brand of producing audiobooks. The company suffered a recession at the death of its CEO Andrew J. Huffman. The success of Audible began with the operations of the founder Don Katz.

In 2005, Audible air was launched that made it easy to download the audiobooks through wireless systems like smartphones. This made more accessible for listeners to download the audiobooks directly to their phones.

The Amazon launched its audiobook in 2008 after owning the company ‘Audible’ worth $300 million. The Audible became the part of Amazon at that time. The audible audiobooks can efficiently work on most of the audio players Audible carried their operations until 2011 when they launched an online platform for the writers and producers to publish new audiobooks. They started the new audio book in 2014 for very long working hours.

The best thing of the Audible is the innovation center which they have launched to have interaction between authors and actors to publish audiobooks which can be launched on Amazon. The Audible produce more than 10000 audiobooks annually and has become the largest producer of audiobooks in the worlds. See here for more.

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