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Be aware !!! of the fraud websites while applying for the esta

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Esta is an automated system for knowing the eligibility of the person for traveling to the US. The period for staying there is maximum for ninety days, and the person should also have the return ticket with them. The registration should be done under esta officialAs there are many new websites which are doing fraud with the customers. So the customers should be aware of the fraud websites of esta.

The warning by the US government regarding esta

There are many email scams, and fraud has been done with the customers on the name of esta official. The government has given warning of the frauds done to mislead the customers and public related to the esta. The fraud parties are charging fees from travelers. The esta official works under the Visa Waiver Program. It is the only official website of esta. The sites which are charging fees to the travelers are not working under the US government.

The Visa Waiver Program customers who are searching for information relating for applying on the esta should be informed about the third parties fraud. They are charging fees for submission of the application. The government of the United States does not affiliate these websites. There is only one official site of the esta, and the travelers should contact on that site.

Suggestions by the government 

Any person who has used one of the websites which are doing fraud and scams should be referred to the official site of the esta. The person should confirm the application filled with official Us government. A person can ensure that the information in the application is correct. The United States government does not refund the fee charged by the fake website to the customer.

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