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Pros And Cons Of Using The 6×9 Speakers In Cars

Before starting with the pros and cons of 6×9 speakers, it is essential to know about what is it actually? 6×9 speakers are oval in shape with a diameter of 6 inches by 9 inches. These speakers are mostly used in every car as it offers a better quality sound with the excellent bass system. But there are some disadvantages too while using this speaker. Having a specialized knowledge about every pros and con allows you to make a better selection. Or if you decide to purchase it you can go on best 6×8 speakers.

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Simplicity– various sound system are available in the market, where some of them are very complicated to use and fix. As compared to other option this speaker is best for them who need good sound quality. It is simple to use as to purchase.

Affordable– considering the price also play a vital role. If we talk about its ranges and rates, then it is affordable for every person. There is no need to give a high amount in exchange for these speakers. You can easily afford them and purchase them from SoundStefan.

Varieties– numerous varieties come in the market of 6×9 speakers with different frequency level. It means there is a more extensive choice of selecting the best one.


Distorted sound– as due to its design and oval shape it offers a good quality sound but at higher levels due to its design, its sound quality distorted.  You need to sacrifice the sound quality at higher levels.

Extra effort– installation of these speakers has only two sets- either in rear deck or in a separate speaker box. The rear deck also requires to rewiring due to installation and installation in a different speaker box also contains extra effort.

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