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Check out 30 fresh gift ideas to give to your knitting friend as a gift!

Finding a perfect gift for your friend, especially who loves to knit could be a giant task and even more gigantic when you don’t know a thing about knitting! Well, this situation becomes quite hilarious in that case! Most of the knitters already have the stuff you have in mind as a basic idea that is yarn or kits. Well, you can pick the most refreshing gift ideas from here and get the unique gifts for knitters:

  1. A yarn cutting pendant
  2. Knitting needles set
  3. Lighted needles set
  4. Decorated needles
  5. Cable stitch needles set
  6. Needle case to keep needles aligned
  7. Stitch marks for creative designs
  8. Needle organizer
  9. All in one toolbox
  10. Tardis/owl shaped gauges
  11. A stitch counter necklace
  12. Chunky merino yarn
  13. Knitted charm bracelet
  14. Personalized Christmas stockings
  15. Knitting books, magazines or journals
  16. Neat yarn cakes
  17. Yarn ball winders to untangle yarn balls
  18. Yarn storage and knitting needles tote
  19. Handmade woven basket for storing yarns
  20. Knitting themed coffee cup
  21. Bejeweled knitting needles
  22. Needles engraved with thoughtful quotes
  23. Stoneware yarn bowl
  24. Stitch counter
  25. Stitch holder
  26. Pompom maker
  27. Owl themed scissors
  28. Knitted decorative pins or magnets
  29. Latvian knitting kit for professionals
  30. Self knitted print on t-shirt
    I’m assured that you would have found something for your knitter friend now. Also, he/she would be impressed by your choice of gift, and it seems thoughtful of you to make an effort to make their special occasion even more significant. On your part, you present your gift bought out of love and care for them, with affection and believe me, and they would cherish it!

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